The scope and area of intervention of Maxitalia service include design, welding, machining (turning and milling) of  small/medium/large dimensions, non-destructive testing, functional tests , electro and mechanical assemblies.

The materials we handle range from the typical carbon steels to the most complex low-alloy and alloy steels, austenitic stainless steel, duplex, martensitic and superalloy stainless steels.

We collaborate with the major international recognized organizations such as DNV, Bureau Veritas, RINA, ABS, Lloyds Register. Our products can be certified for off-shore, desert, cryogenic and SUBSEA use.

Among the many produced items in the area of OIL & GAS we recap the following categories:

  • Lifting equipment with the suitable marking for each Country of destination, tested with our own machinery up to 300 ton.
  • Special tools for handling and disassembling machines, compressors and turbines
  • Design and construction of baseplates, skids and pipes.
  • Design and construction of pressure vessels, heat exchangers and tanks complete with instrumentation.
  • “Turn-key”design and construction of control units and washing water skids complete with functional tests and flushing.
  • Design and construction of containers for rotors and turbin gas applications complete with inert gas insufflating device.
  • Equipment for drop test up to 35 ton, DNV2.7-3 and  EN12079 certifications.
  • Nozzles, spools, goosneck and special fittings for  SUBSEA application
  • Thermal shields and gas-turbin diffusers, engine flywheel and pistons for alternative compressors.
  • All kind of welded and/or machined part complete with any heat, surface and galvanic treatment.

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